Mathhammer For All!

Over the last month I have been dipping my foot in and out of making a few web pages for calculating the dice rolls for etc. for 40k, AoS and now Shadespire.

Not really much to say except the maths should be correct, and here is the link:

Kiblams Mathhammer Page

Here's some Pictures of the pages for those who don't like clicking links:




Feel free to leave a comment with any feedback on the pages.

Age of Sigmar Skaven Pestilens Warscroll Cards

I have recently been working on some warscroll cards for my Age of Sigmar Skaven Pestilens units, and I have them pretty much finished.

They are designed to be put into card sleeves for standard game cards making them handy for writing notes with dry erase pens. The abilities have been 'broken out' into separate cards to allow them to be stacked under the main unit card and even placed on the table next to affected units as a reminder or learning tool while playing.

Here are the warscroll cards I have made for my Skaven Pestilens:

Custom Scenario for Frostgrave

So this week Harry from Table Top Banter and me decided to try a little scenario that we have been discussing for a while, the idea being that you can attack your rivals base and pilfer some treasure.

The game went fairly well though we have amended some of the rules since playing as it was a little stacked in Harry's favour (the defender), and I lost handily due to that and of course my inability to roll for toffee...

We were so impressed by how it turned out that we decided to commit the makeshift scenario to paper (virtual paper...) and share it with you lot!

Please feel free to have a go yourself and if you have any feedback; we would of course be very keen to hear it.

So here it is:

Gorkamorka Update, Mob Based, Custom Trukk and Buggy

After a small hiatus from Gorkamorka I have decided that I need to make it a regular part of the YouTube videos. To this end I have decided to make each Monday; a GoMo Monday!

This is the first video with the state of affairs for the current Gorkamorka projects (of which there are many) and any progress made since I stopped making videos for them.

I really hope that this more regular content will help to make those who like seeing my Orky creations more at home as I ramp up the Frostgrave content.

I really enjoy creating the crazy vehicles for the Gorkamorka games and so I really don't see the content ending for the game, and this Monday video is a really great way to show progress for it.

Frostrgave Co-op Battle Report - Dark Alchemy

With the success of our first few games of Frostgrave we have set about starting a filmed co-op campaign using the Dark Alchemy expansion which is indeed designed for co-op play.

I think we both really enjoyed the first game and even though the amount of treasure recovered was hugely imbalanced, it seemed to be a great introduction into the gameplay mechanics for Frostgave.

I think anyone who likes the look of Frostgrave but may not have been able to find an opponent as yet, this is a fantastic way to get some games in and also is a great base for some homebrew co-op scenarios.